Let Williams World Tours handle your business travel needs professionally and at a reasonable price

You tell us your needs, and we’ll take care of the arrangements.


Let Williams World Tours handle your business travel needs professionally and at a reasonable price

You tell us your needs, and we’ll take care of the arrangements.

We are a Danish Travel Agency.


  • We take care of visa application

  • We order limousine service from your home or work to the airport

  • We find out which lounge you can use at the different airports

  • We reserve your favorite seat on your favorite airline

  • We also handle a private jet if you need to travel out and home quickly

  • We order special meals on flights and hotels

  • We provide meet and assist service at the arrival airport

  • We arrange limousine service from the arrival airport to your hotel

  • We book your favorite room at your favorite hotel

  • We reserve your favorite car with your favorite car rental company

  • We arrange meeting rooms at the hotel or out in the city

  • We reserve a table at your favorite restaurant for the business dinner

  • We arrange limousine service from your hotel to the airport

  • We are happy to change your return trip if you need to change plans

  • We arrange limousine service from the airport to your home

  • We follow up on our suppliers if irregularities occur

  • We ensure the best possible prices with your chosen suppliers

  • You arrive home with a good business deal in your pocket

10 good reasons to choose Williams World Tours – for your business trips

At some point, any company with international operations will face a dilemma. “Do I continue to manage corporate travel and expenses internally, or do I leave it to a business travel agency?”

Perhaps you expect that in this technology-driven world of personalized travel booking and travel management apps on smartphones, computers, and tablets, it’s easy to handle all business travel.

The reality is quite different. Managing corporate travel tends to be a significant burden on a company’s resources. Time, money, careful planning, expenses, reports, security, VISAs. There are many considerations.

This is where investing in a business travel agency can be very beneficial. Whether it is a manufacturing company or a law firm, there are many ways a quality business travel agency can help facilitate corporate travel by simplifying the process, reducing administration time and costs.

1. BUSINESS TRAVEL AGENCIES-PARTNERSHIPS (equals better price agreements)

One of the most direct benefits of working with a business travel agency is having access to the wide network of connections that business travel agencies have within the air, hotel, and rail industry. This combined with the innovative technology that gives the business travel agency access to global air fares means that even a Danish based business travel agency like Williams World Tours – always gives you the cheapest flights and travel options.


Imagine you are a business traveler. You have flown from Denmark to the USA and checked into your hotel and were told that no payment has been made. With a limit of 9 to 17 at regular travel agencies as well as the internet’s restrictions on service and support, who do you call? If you work with a business travel agency like Williams World Tours –, you can get in touch with us around the clock – regardless of time zone or where you are in the world. We will make sure to solve the problem immediately.


Williams World Tours – get to know your business goals and tailor your travel solution to suit your company’s needs. Whether you need to reduce costs, tighten travel policy compliance, or streamline billing, we design a travel solution to suit you and your business. What we mean is that Williams World Tours – offers you a uniquely managed service. This means that your company can benefit from the invaluable insight, knowledge, and personal touch that Williams World Tours – brings with the independence of a professional reservation system.


Travel policy can be difficult, and this is due to the amount of ‘gray zones’ that can come into play with business travel. It is very rarely the case that a travel policy can say, ‘You can only do A, but you must never do B’ and still work effectively. Flights can be canceled, bags can be lost, rental cars can be upgraded. A quality business travel agency like Williams World Tours – only gives you travel plans that comply with any existing travel policy that your company already has.

This is generally thanks to the fact that we can collaborate with important departments in your company, such as HR and / or finance departments. By analyzing booking trends, we can help nurture and improve compliance with travel policies, and we can recommend what they can improve and where they can save costs in line with your and your company’s travel policies.


Traveling with work often means you have a very tight schedule for meetings and places you need to be. This often does not provide much time to juggle travel documents and plan flights or other types of travel (especially if something is delayed or canceled).

Working with a business travel agency means that you get documented travel plans (no matter how complex) and the organization of your most important travel documents, so all you have to do is make sure you get to the airport on time. Williams World Tours – takes care of everything.


While it may seem like a more streamlined approach to leave travel bookings to staff, it ultimately means that reporting on booking patterns, compliance with travel policies or expenses can be extremely difficult. This can be a huge strain on a company’s resources, and which only a few can afford – especially if it makes business travel more expensive.

A business travel agency can use bespoke technology to give business owners or travel managers full transparency regarding booking and travel expenses for staff. These may include online booking and expense tracking tools such as those used by us. For you, this means a much more complete picture of how cost-effective business travel is for your business.


Whether you are a business owner or a PA, it is extremely important that you spend your time doing what you are best at. Trawling through search engine results looking for the cheapest flights and suitable hotels can sometimes be a distraction from this. When business travel is handled through Williams World Tours –, it means that you get more time with your company and can focus fully on your work tasks and agreements in house.


Business travel can be much simpler with the right technology at hand. This is why a quality business travel agency like Williams World Tours – is able to handle all your reservations.

Working with us, you are guaranteed to negotiate competitive prices. This means you can give your travelers the independence to book their own tours, submit for approval and manage their own travel plans. What’s more, travelers will only be able to see flight and hotel options that meet your travel policy criteria, which will help you get a cost-effective, safe, and easy way to manage the cost of business travel as well as people’s safety on the go.


This goes without saying, but when you start working with a business travel agency like us, expertise counts a lot. Not only do we provide access to better prices with airlines and other travel providers, but our many years of industry experience are hugely valuable to your business. This can help streamline the business travel process further and can even help reduce costs as they can provide additional insights around optimizing travel policies. For example, Williams World Tours – can analyze your activity. If we notice a trend in booking a particular hotel chain, we will negotiate a better rate on your behalf.


There is a lot of compliance involved in business travel, and Williams World Tours – can provide valuable help to ensure that your business is compatible and that your staff is secure.

If an emergency occurs, we make sure to track and get in touch with the traveler.

And here you have it; 10 reasons why working with a business travel agency can reduce administration time, save your business money, and simplify the whole process. If you think that your company can benefit from the above arguments, you must contact Williams World Tours – today to arrange a meeting with us about your and the company’s needs.

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