10 good reasons to rent a private jet.

There are many good reasons to choose a private jet for your next business trip or vacation, not just for the sake of comfort and convenience, but also because of the time savings and flexibility one achieves, and perhaps especially important in these times: The increased health security one has, when traveling alone or with family.

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Fly with private jet next time you travel – Read here 10 good reasons why.

1) Avoid chaos in the major airports

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of flights is expected to increase and the pressure on ever-larger airports to increase again.
Take as an example Dubai International Airport, which is normally used by 80 million passengers each year.
Here, the queue for passport and customs control can be infinitely long if you are unlucky and arrive early in the morning or late at night.

Time costs money, so if you use a private jet, you avoid the chaos of the big airports and save time and money.
When you fly with a private jet, you determine your own itinerary and can, if time is short, reach more meetings without stress.


Benefits of Charter Private Jets

When you fly with a private jet, you avoid all of this. Not only can you choose the time you want to leave, but you can relax in one of the VIP lounges far away from the main terminal. And that while all the formalities around the flight are being arranged. You only must arrive fifteen minutes before departure, but if you arrive late, it is not a problem. Your Private Jet is waiting for you and will not leave until you are ready. Forget rushing through busy terminals to reach the gate on time. It is a stressful moment that you can live without.

2) With a private jet you fly directly to the smallest airports

The scheduled airlines do not fly to many smaller airports, which can be an important destination for your business or for you and your family on your next holiday trip.
Some airports cannot accommodate larger aircraft, but with a private jet even almost inaccessible airports open for you.


3) Fast and secure transport of valuable shipments by a private jet

A private jet ensures a fast and safe transport of valuable works of art, jewelry, and other irreplaceable goods. It is often important that an item can arrive quickly without delay. It can be vital medicine or effects for an important presentation to a large customer.

4) Security and avoidance of terrorism

Mark Wahlberg has in an article revealed that in 2001 he should have been flown with one of the unfortunate planes that crashed into the Twin Towers. He instead chose to fly with a private jet to Canada to visit a friend on the set of his current film. For security reasons and the risk of terrorist attacks, he now prefers to take a private jet when traveling around the world. It is also with peace of mind to know that they are only traveling with people they know and trust.

Sometimes the only way to get out of a country under attack or threat is by chartering a private jet. Private jet charters often to Iraq, Afghanistan, and other war-torn countries. If you need to go to such areas, you will ideally have the flexibility of having a private plane waiting for you in standby mode 24/7.

5) Traveling with pets on a private jet

For some people, their pets are just as important as or perhaps even more important than their children. When traveling commercially, your pet should travel alone, often cold and scared in the hold. Most Private Jet operators allow passengers to take any type of pet on board. Middle Eastern clients will take everything from Falk to ‘handbag dogs’ like Chihuahuas and larger dog breeds like the Great Danes.

6) Celebrity and privacy

Several celebrities, royal families and government figures charter a private jet to avoid the staring public eye. For example, Angelina Jolie often takes a jet around the world for her UN commitments as she travels to some of the most dangerous countries in the world. Although some of these high-profile individuals even have their own aircraft, there are occasions where they will need to undergo maintenance. It may also be that they have invited an entourage to accompany them, and therefore charter a separate jet.

7) Use a private jet for shopping trips

Arriving in style and with little or no baggage restrictions, you can see why HNW individuals, royal families and celebrities fly anywhere in the world and return home with more shopping bags than a commercial aircraft would allow. Fashion capitals are always a magnet for the wealthy, whether it is Paris, Milan, Nice or London. The hottest shopping destinations can attract many private jets with eager customers on board.

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8) Eat in style on a private jet

It is actually very common to see our Jet Setters request food from their favorite restaurant. Then they can, for example, enjoy dishes from the Michelin star kitchens in Nobu, Hakasan, Pushkin. Whatever they fancy and at the same time sip a glass of Dom Perignon at 42,000 feet.

Although it is not so common anymore, on some private jets it is allowed to smoke a cigarette on board. Some customers will order a ‘smoke only’ aircraft. If this is a requirement for our client, we strive to secure an aircraft that allows smoking.


9) Fly in luxury, exclusivity, and prestige on a private jet

On board with only the people invited, the whole plane is yours. Relax in lavishly designed interiors. Sit back and play a movie or music on any level with speakers throughout the cabin. Private Jets are equipped with portable connections, telephones and WIFI.

If you travel at night, then in some private jets you can have comfortable beds made to ensure that the passengers are well rested on arrival at the destination. When the plane approaches the destination, the crew will contact the airport so that the limousine is ready to drive you to the destination.

10) Full flexibility with a private jet

A private jet booked through Williams World Tours – wwt.dk gives you the opportunity to go where you want, when you want, and no matter where in the world it may be.

We can offer you many more great experiences around the world. See all our Exotic destinations or our exclusive luxury travel.eksklusive luksusrejser.